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The lunar date of January 8, on Chinese calendar is Dec 4, Jia Xu Year. 2. I was born on January 8, , so what's my Chinese zodiac? For people.

The first phase of Mercury retrograde during February occurs in the 6th house for Libra guys. This might cause some health issues and financial debacles. Relationship troubles would be galore as communications go haywire.

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Find other ways to soothe relationships. Also check on agreements or other papers you sign these days. Some old flames come back much to your chagrin. Mercury Retrograde Effects on Scorpio. The 5th house of Pisces plays host to the February Mercury retrograde motion for Scorpio guys. This Mercury retrograde takes you on a roller coaster ride.

Make good use of the ups and downs to learn the nuances of your trade. However do note that this is not going to last for long. Hence you can breathe in easily. Your patience would be quite rewarding in the end. Mercury Retrograde Effects on Sagittarius. The February phase of Mercury retrograde occurs in your 4th house of Pisces, Sage. Hence areas ruled by this house like domestic welfare and happiness and maternal relationships stand to get affected. Being on the adventurous side, be prepared to experience some mishaps here. Also your travel plans and communications get affected this period.

Making alternate plans and settling down for sometime would spare you for now. Mercury Retrograde Effects on Capricorn. The 3rd house of Pisces plays host to the February Mercury retrograde motion for Capricorn natives. All your professional plans now meet with a dead end. And you are not one to sit idle.

Also your organizing capacity would be thrown to the wind. If you are an employer, troubles seem all around you. This would be a time when Capricorn guys better go in for meditation or some spiritual pursuits to soothe their spirits. Mercury Retrograde Effects on Aquarius. This Mercury retrograde motion of February happens in the 2nd house of Pisces for Aquarius. And this means that family, education and finances in particular are in for some trouble. Be prepared to handle some electronic crashes this period. This would be quite a challenging period for many natives, but you can find an alternate route though.

Adapting to the existing scenario helps you a lot in the long run too. Mercury Retrograde Effects on Pisces. Mercury goes retrograde in your house during February Brace yourself for a stressful period ahead. These days, your intuition, feelings and guesses go out of mark. There would be confusion around. You would hesitate to trust even your gut feelings. This is a time to escape the routine and find a place f solitude and peace. Use your creativity to find an outlet out of all the melodrama outside you.

Astrological Events Mercury Retrograde in Pisces - February The first phase of Mercury retrograde for the year occurs between February 17 and March 10 in the zodiac houses of Aquarius and Pisces. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces With Mercury retrograding in the Water sign of Pisces, we can expect some changes in the way we handle our emotions. Jan 16, Mercury Enters Aquarius. However, the Vedic Astrology predictions suggest that you should wait until the month of September This is because until this time, you might have to face challenges in your career front and not take just the right decision in respect to your career.

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It is also predicted by the Career Horoscope for that you might be joining new academic courses or institutes, wherein you start and learn a new course in order to increase your own technical knowledge. It is also suggested that there is enough scope for building a business through partnership, which might flourish well and give you good returns.

It is also predicted that you would get due support of your colleagues and it might also mean that your bonding becomes strong with them and. Therefore, it would not be bad for you to start good relations with them and also maintain the relations with them from 22 March until 4 Amy It is advisable that you avoid joining any new job or start a new venture in your professional life during the months of January and February, as this time period would not be beneficial for your optimum career growth. You can expect good amount of scope and growth in your career as would be viable for promotion from April to June.

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This would bring happiness and contentment to you and your stature at your work place would be uplifted. All of you Pisces native who are looking for a new job, or starting out a new project, or are scouting for new opportunities in , can wait for doing so during the months of October to December.

This time period seems to be uplifting for doing something new, and the Career scope for for a Pisces, promises good results during this time. The Finance and Wealth Horoscope for Pisces gives the prediction that you should learn how to control your expenses and keep your calm and not spend money unnecessarily. It is advised that you stop your hand from spending too much from your pocket from 4 May to 18 June This is because due to the transit of the wealth Lord Mars in the expenditure house, you might face an increase in expenditure, even at times when it is not required.

It is thereby advised that you stop and think twice before spending money, as otherwise, you would have to face financial losses that would be really hard to suffice for later. You would be able to curb your expenses, if you have a right mind, till the mid of , but after this time, you might spend money on luxurious items.

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Apart from this, you might also spend your money in buying land for yourself and your family for personal use, after 23 September , as Rahu would then move away from the property house of your birth chart. During this time you might even spend on buying real estate property for yourself, for your future profits and making use of scouting for various sources of income.

The Finance and Wealth Horoscope for predicts that for Pisces, this year is a very fruitful year for speculation and getting returns from the same as well as stock markets and even when you try for lotteries. There might be plans for travel plans which are shirt very enriching for your career, but they would come with added expenses.

It is advised that you try and curb your urge to spend money on jewelry in your trios and visits outside your native place, for a female. Overall, this year is average in terms of your financial condition, and with good planning and execution, it might also help you elevate your status. The Marriage and Relationships Horoscope predictions for suggest that for all you Pisces natives out there, this year would be full of happiness and contentment during the start of the year. You and your partner would be close to each other during this period and would also plan for trips to be taken together and work out on reliving your romance and building your relationship.

Your time spend in travels and other sensational private moments will be counted as moments of belonging and togetherness, thus helping your bond well with each other.

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After mid year, there will be some disputes that need to be sorted with your understanding. There might be confusions and conflicts but with due understanding, it is possible that such tiffs can be sorted out and solved so that do not have any cracks in your relationship. It is advised that no matter how much you are tempted, do not start any affair with another one, as it would mean that your life would turn into a living hell. Instead, try and spend more time with your children and take care of them and give them the best guidance you can.

Avoid ego clashes with your spouse and also refrain from using any kind of commanding language upon them in front of others. It is your responsibility that you understand their feelings and also remember to respect their parents and also make them feel at home, no matter what. The Predictions for Love and Romance suggest that this year would be a mix of different outcome for the Pisces natives.

There may be financial or work projects together with true friends you trust.

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The influence of the Sun in July will provide vitality and energy to the natives of Pisces. They will begin to be more responsible with their health. They may take exams or adopt healthy habits. September is a good period to review and work on some trauma or psychological limitations that prevent you from moving forward.

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During the last quarter of the year you will feel the tendency to look into the future with a beloved, either formalizing engagements or having a child. Love could arise within your group of friends for those who are single. In December, there is a need for couples to discuss pending issues and resolve conflicts. At work there will be an international outlook and the possibility of expanding your professional knowledge. November is a good time of the year to organize any accounts, as well as organize your ideas and projects.

Professional contacts and your circle of business partners will expand. Pisces will be freed from heavy burdens and be in better shape psychologically and with more self-esteem.