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The lunar date of January 8, on Chinese calendar is Dec 4, Jia Xu Year. 2. I was born on January 8, , so what's my Chinese zodiac? For people.

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Geminis, we love you, really. A very intense kind of inner work? This year is all about coming out and all that inner transformation, bringing it out to the world. Trying something new, traveling. It should be a very positive, optimistic time…so, yeah: Go big!

Taurus are comfort-level creatures. But get them to break up their routine? Good luck with that. This is a year where you can be more exploratory by deepening your relationships with one or two people, or maybe even going back to school. And getting out of your comfort zone. This is a great time to be a Gemini.

Even though Geminis have a twin, you can be very free-spirited with a million friends and Tinder threads open. Just commit already, dammit. Also some spiritual exploration, with Uranus going into your 12th house. You may soon have your own personal shaman. Or become one.

Do the work. However, you may discover your destiny at the same time because the north node of the moon, which is a special point where the eclipses are happening, is in Cancer fro first time in 19 years. So be open to that level of discovering and calling.

And the three [upcoming] Capricorn eclipses and all the Capricorn energy—Capricorn is your opposite sign. I want to step out and rebrand myself. And just really having fun with everything you do. Last year was a bit emotional, more behind the scenes, spending time at home or with your family.

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And now is a time to get creative and have fun. This is a very social year—a year for making new friends. Look around for places that feel like home around the world to explore. You may buy property this year.

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Or decide to put down roots in some other way, or get serious about saving money. Though you are an irreformable social butterfly, you may decide to keep things a little closer to home, get involved in local events—and deal with some childhood or parents and family-of-origin stuff as well. I know some Libras are working through some of that mom-and-dad baggage everybody comes into this world with.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope 12222

But also, entrepreneurial partnerships could go well. Short-term partnerships. Pisces season is a time to turn inward and reflect, to dig deep and heal old emotional wounds. For the next four weeks , take a few moments of respite from radical revolution to get quiet. Hello, recipe for burnout. Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, signifying closure in myriad forms. Do you believe in magic?

The dreamy vibes of Pisces season could make even the most hardened cynic ponder the possibility of the supernatural. This fantasy-fueled solar cycle will also activate an early round of spring fever, as rose-colored glasses and hearts worn on sleeves are always in fashion during this compassionate cycle. Caveat: Piscean energy can be so up-in-the-clouds that we can forget to bring ourselves back down to earth.

Periodic reality checks would be a wise idea for everyone. Relationships can deepen when we dare to be vulnerable. The liquid nature of Pisces allows us to flow beyond our boundaries so that we can glimpse life from different perspectives.

Warning: We can all expect to experience both high and lows between now and March 20—but we can reflect on what each direction reveals in the process. Pisces is symbolized by two Fish swimming in opposite directions. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. Deep healing awaits for those willing to plunge into the stormy sea of the psyche. And so much beauty can emerge from these trips below the surface.

Let the artistic renaissance begin!

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Here are five ways to embrace your inner empath and hone your intuition during Pisces season between now and March When we hone our intuition, we go beyond our normal perception into the ether of the unknown: the metaphorical, the figurative and even illogical. Our intuition, or sixth sense, is that feeling we get when we are drawn to something that the universe believes is in our best interests, especially when we feel resistance from our waking mind.

In other words, intuition could be described as a conflict between the head and heart. Our higher, intuitive selves always know what is best for us, and our third eye chakra, located at the forehead between the eyebrows is often called the gateway to our intuition or sixth sense. But like all chakras, the third eye portal can become blocked, causing us to second guess ourselves and make ego-based decisions that can wind up not being the most fulfilling paths for us in the end. You can help re-open your third eye by working with an energy healer or empath, or through meditation.

Even some basic yoga poses, like forward folds, help to release tension in the shoulders and flush the pineal gland—which from an energetic standpoint can block the flow of energy into the third eye. Sparking your sixth sense will help clarify your purpose and enhance creativity during Pisces season. Pisces is governed by foggy Neptune, cosmic ruler of the oceans and seas , and Pisces season can remind us of the urgent need to conserve water on our planet.

We are still in a state of disbelief that the residents of Flint, Michigan continue to be subjected to contaminated and poisoned water, after the Trump administration quietly closed the investigation. Or the people of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe who face yet again an alarming depletion of safe drinking water thanks to the same administrations prompt reinstatement of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Beyond this, millions of children around the world have little to no access to safe, clean drinking water.

During Pisces season, take action to help these underserved populations, whether through donations or your own campaign. Since our oceans are more polluted than ever, cutting back on household trash can help, too.