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The lunar date of January 8, on Chinese calendar is Dec 4, Jia Xu Year. 2. I was born on January 8, , so what's my Chinese zodiac? For people.

The discovery of planets outside of the geocentric field of vision in modern times provided a dilemma for astrologers, which most eventually resolved by a general consensus declaring Uranus to be Aquarius' ruling planet, while assigning Neptune to Pisces and later, Pluto was given to Scorpio. Some modern authorities uses the concept of "night rulerships" to find room for the additional dignities.

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Uranus was designated the day ruler of Aquarius while Saturn was to be its night ruler. Similarly, Neptune was the day ruler of Pisces, leaving Jupiter as the night ruler, and Pluto was the day ruler of Scorpio with Mars as the night ruler. This notion probably had its origin in the concept of astrological sect , but this was the only vestige of sect in the modern tradition. Unfortunately, no allowance was made for these modern suggestions in the complex traditional doctrine of essential dignities , but the idea was very popular. The use of dual rulerships in a manner such as this was also be known as "co-rulership".

Some astrologers believed that the new co-rulers were primary rulers of the signs with which they were associated and might have been sole rulers of those signs, and if that was the case, two other planets, one linked to Libra or Taurus , and the other to Virgo or Gemini , may await discovery, thus eliminating the need for dual rulership of a sign altogether. Although the status of Ceres is unknown at the moment in astrology, due to its new definition as a dwarf planet, it has been suggested as the ruler of Virgo or Taurus.

For some modern astrologers it is the ruling planet of Virgo and co-ruler of the 6th house with Mercury , and for some others the ruling planet of Taurus and the 2nd house with Venus. The possibility exists that it isn't involved with any sign, but in any event, it can almost definitely be attributed to the Earth element. Many modern astrologers assign what is called a "natural" rulership of each house of the horoscope to a different planet , in the same way as the zodiac signs are said to have rulers.

Traditionally, however, rulership of houses was understood to apply only in the individual birth-chart, in what is called an "accidental" rulership. In this case, co-rulership of a house in the "native's" horoscope is shared by planets that rule the sign on the cusp and any sign intercepted within the house and planets occupying that house.

There are several different scenarios that one can use to determine rulership of a house When a person attempts to determine the rulership of a house, the more planets or bodies that rule that house will reveal its complexity. Generally, the sign on the cusp will be the outward representation of the rulership, but the ruler of the sign inside the house will not be readily apparent, but will manifest itself at critical points in a person's life.

The Wolf The Wolf is strong, wise and protective of its home and family. It makes a nice, comfortable home for its loved ones. If left alone, harmony will ensue. I presume the young adult would fit into this category of the symbols. This is a time in life where one starts off anew and out of the nest. It is important to become aware of prioritizing your responsibilities and choosing battles wisely.

The Eagle soars above all others watching and learning. The Scorpio is becoming more of a spiritual being, trusting God to handle its affairs of revenge.

They are, of course, still quite protective of their young; primarily when their young are young and not so much when they are grown. The Eagle raises its young to be strong and self sufficient; once again, trusting that God will lead them down the right path of life. Often, the mid-life Scorpio has evolved into this symbol. The mythical Phoenix is destroyed and rises above its own ashes another Pluto trait. Life is hard. I am a scorpio and part or full psychic but recently twice sitting in my flat at night nonetheless and have seen the shadow of an eagle once in my kitchen that for some reason I instinctively ducked lol then seen the eagle shadow above me on my ceiling small as though the actual bird was miles away and only a couple of nights ago talking to my friend on the phone as I just looked at my wall whilst chatting it soared across the wall again small as though far away.

Im an Aquarius Sun with a Pisces Moon, and the whole transformational stages and personality traits of Scorpio definitely apply to me. I have just recently transitioned to Eagle. I now know it's because he never got past spider stage. This explains SO much. I find this funny because two of my other zodiac signs Native American and Celtic Snake and Wolf are stages of the Scorpio.

Like many others have said, I had also only heard of the 3 symbols - Scorpion, Eagle and Phoenix. The main ones that I identified with from your article were obviously Scorpion I feel I was in this stage from about , the snake from , the wolf and the Eagle from 29 to now just turned Over the last year I have definitely become more spiritual and have started following the path I have always been drawn too.

The esoteric path. I just wanted to add, I believe we as Scorpio become the Phoenix at multiple points in our life. We suffer much heartache and many trials as Scorpios. I feel that when we are about to evolve to our next symbol in life, we destroy certain aspects of ourselves and are reborn like the Phoenix into our new stage of life.

For example, I used to be a very jealous, very angry Scorpio, but when it was time for me to evolve into my next stage of life, I outgrew all of those traits, as if part of me died and a new part was reborn. I might be biased here, but I really feel Scorpio is the best sign to be born under. We are powerful, passionate, sexual people who can accomplish whatever we want!

I know I sure have accomplished a lot in my time so far and aim to continue accomplishing my goals. As a peaceful kind person all my life and non-reactive in the face of extreme unprovoked nastiness from people born in other star signs, I am puzzled by the above descriptions of Scorpios, the few I've met being generous, funny and thoughtful people. The most evil people I have met are in other star signs and I stay well away from them.

Spiders, scorpions, lizards and wolves are beautiful and should not be used to characterize bad people. I'm honest on this one and to be honest I think I'm a Spider-Scorpio I really need to start acting more matured to at least reach the Scorpio or Lizard.

Top 10 Reasons Why Scorpio is the Best Zodiac Sign

I am married to a Scorpio woman and I really like the traits that was shared. I think it was a good summary of my wife. I have been near this phase since I out grew being a serpent, I have no time to fight petty battles I know are pointless, but I was stuck for a long time wanting to hurt others as the wolf all through my adolescence.

I have had the most challenges in that past four years. When my control or belief of being in control finally slipped. Im now heading towards the skies, in true phoenix fashion. If I never find all the answers ok, but Im still working on today and everyday as if its my only day. I have plans to bequest much to my children, and see that they need not wait until aged to have anything. This is amazing. I am a scorpio and feel like I'm moving from the serpent into the wolf phase.

I can remember feeling all the previous ones too, the spider, lizard, and scorpion. I am 20 years old now, however, and am beginning to piece my life together and erupt into my career. I know that I am starting the wolf phase and I can sense that this is how things will be throughout most of my 20s. I have major long term goals and know that inevitably after my 20s I should hit the eagle stage once I have enough experience. My overarching life goal is to become the pheonix, however, and I feel like at this point in my life I will no longer be focused on career matters and intend to look for spiritual fullfilment and focus the rest of my life on the well being of others.

It's crazy how I have such long term goals, and I can kind of sense the trajectory of my life-- I've already had this sense my entire life and it's never been wrong. I've always believed in astrology. But it wasn't until I, as a Scorpio, had a serious relationship with a Gemini that I realized how accurate it was. After 4 years, I've learned more about myself than I ever have. Evolution occurs through challenge and I don't think there is any greater challenge than having a long relationship with a Gemini!

It's a nice article about Scorpio to understand the development of the personality traits for the self and gives the insight about how to deal with the life and to understand the struggling psyche.


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Every stage of the development of the person is well described and will help in the understanding of oneself. But in all honesty i prefer this way more It shows the multiple complex facets to a Scorpio Im torn between whether im a Wolf or Eagle but they arent that far apart in status Im probably still a Wolf But im proud of that at 26 years of age Is there a way for me to send a question to your inbox which is related to a Scorpio woman?

I am very proud that I am a Scorpio!!.. Born October 27, I've always been told that I was very mature for my young age. After reading this, I'd say that I was at the young stage of the eagle. I feel very proud of myself that I'm at the same stage as someone twice my age should be at as a Scorpio!! I absolutely loved this, amazing job!!

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And most importantly, may God bless you ALL!! I am a Scorpio and proud to be one all though I have felt very lost at times The emotions that come with are quite powerful and the intelligence is hard at times I feel as if people don't truly understand to take a step back and look at everything for what it really is. The power of a Scorpio is truly amazing all around we are the ruling astrology sign ruling two planets with the power to handle that much emotions I'm Scorpio and I love it.

I believe one constantly moves through the stages you describe. One or I can easily go from spider to Phoenix in one day, week, or month, depending on how one chooses to react to life. My goal is to go to sleep feeling like a Phoenix, even on when only a little spider crawls out of my bed! I can honestly say that I have all these traits that are listed above.

I knew that Scorpios are very complex people but I never saw it explained like this.

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Thank you for this information. I feel proud to be a Scorpio,but I feel as if my journey just began. I was like the scorpion, easily jealous,lots of uncontrolled emotions.

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I just switched schools and after what I've been through I'm Chinese and the teachers here still use bamboo canes to hit disobedient students,and not everyone is friendly I feel like i've just exited a phase,but there's still a lot that has to be done. I was easily jealous I'm still young, and I have major exams coming up real soon. I do wish I have great social skills tho.. I'm just not blessed with that. I have an Aquarius friend and im trying so hard to start a perfectly NOT awkward conversation without splitting my head.