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The lunar date of January 8, on Chinese calendar is Dec 4, Jia Xu Year. 2. I was born on January 8, , so what's my Chinese zodiac? For people.

The love life of Aries natives is going to be very rewarding. You will live a profound feeling of wellbeing and emotional safety. If you are still single, you are going to have a very romantic date during this period. Nothing can compare with sincerity! If until now you got along wonderfully with your partner, it means that your relationship was based on honesty.

The marital relationships for the married natives will improve until the end of this period. You will appreciate more and more the joys of marriage and, contrary to your habit, you will feel pity for those unmarried! Towards the end of the year, many surprises are in store for you!

Aries Sexual Compatibility: Fiery and Passionate in Bed

You will obtain everything you wished for. If you are single, get ready to feel the joy of being with someone. Under the influence of the Moon, the passion between you and your partner will increase. Take advantage of this occasion to clarify some disagreements between the two of you, and to strengthen your connection even more.

You are starting the year restless and nervous.

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Think about your immediate purpose and act accordingly. If you really need to play the role of a diplomat, do it. Keep your calm and seek the advice of someone close to you with expertise in the domain you are interested in. You may take good decisions for your future in January The Aries natives are protected against the adverse influences of the stars, with a joyful month, full of fun, communication, and progress awaiting for them. They may meet someone interesting in their personal life, and a series of intrigues might occur at work.

The natives might experience exhaustion and general weakness. Things are looking up this month for Aries with their ruling planet Mars in the sign of Scorpio. Aries monthly horoscope predicts their sex life should heat up with excellent opportunities for sexual encounters all through the month of July.

Aries Monthly Horoscope

For single Aries, love waits just around the corner, and there will be mutual satisfaction while dating a lusty new partner. Aries in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will find their partner displaying their wild and passionate side on the 7th under the influence of frisky Uranus. The 16th will be a particularly lucky day for the Ram when the Sun trines Mars, bringing fresh excitement into all sexual relationships. During the full Moon in Capricorn on the 19th, be careful of getting into arguments with a loved one or there could be unfortunate consequences.

Aries will be in impressive form this month concerning romance, and there is a chance for a significant relationship to begin in late June. Some frustrations may surface around the beginning of the month when the Aries ruling planet, Mars, will briefly square Mercury on the 9th. Single Aries should be cautious of overspending while dating at this time.

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If you want to go somewhere expensive, ask your date to split the cost. Concerning the whole month of June, single Aries or Aries in a stable relationship should not take chances concerning romance. Take special care of your sexual health as well. Aries in a stable relationship with that special man or woman may feel the urge to travel this month, but make it a short-distance trip.

Long-distance journeys are not favored this month. The full Moon and Summer Solstice on the 20th will be a good time to celebrate and have a sexual adventure, but again, the stars urge Aries to be cautious.

Communication Will Sort Out Any Differences

Love and sex are definitely on the mind of Aries this month and their sexual powers are very strong. After the 22nd however, head-strong Mars will enter into opposition from Venus, causing some friction in love and romance. Try to avoid arguments at this time, especially with a loved one. Single Aries should take advantage of a strongly placed Sun to enjoy dating and some delicious passion with a hot new partner. Aries in a committed relationship should try to promote harmony with that special man or woman in their life.

Buy a gift for your partner or take them out for a good time. Do things together instead of sitting around the house. Long stretches of inactivity can cause Aries to feel sarcastic or critical of their partner. Having fun together will break up the feelings of frustration and channel the energy into great sex instead!

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

The horoscope for Aries indicates an exciting month this April. When Venus, the planet of love, moves into Aries on the 5th, lots of opportunities appear for a new romantic relationship. A week later, Venus will trine Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, bringing love and passion together for amorous nights of steamy sex. Sexual pleasure will certainly be on the mind of single Aries when it comes to romance, dating, and meeting potential new partners.

Aries can look forward to the 22nd and an encounter that will be a most welcome erotic surprise. Aries in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will find their partner feeling very frisky when it comes to sex. After the 17th, watch out for sudden arguments with a loved one.

Yearly Horoscopes | Jessica Adams

Keep that hot Aries temper cool and calm! Good things happen this month for Aries! Single Aries will have the rare opportunity to meet a very special person this month, according to their monthly horoscope. This new date has the potential of becoming a long-lasting, permanent relationship. Venus in dreamy Pisces can soften the harsh edges of life for Aries, soothing away everyday worries and petty annoyances for awhile.

Aries that enjoy a committed relationship will feel a strong surge of passion for their special man or woman this month. Enjoy those amorous adventures and steamy sex! A solar eclipse on March 8th will bring big news and important events for Aries. Life-altering events can happen very quickly this March. February will be a very busy month for the Ram. Aries popularity soars and suddenly there are several interesting new people entering your life. New friends and lovers seem to materialize out of thin air!

Venus entering Aquarius on the 16th will introduce some form of unusual excitement into the love life of Aries. The Ram will want to get out of a rut and experience more adventurous challenges. Aries will consequently change jobs, living quarters, and maybe even partners. Single Aries will have no problems scoring plenty of invitations and dates. Aries in a committed relationship with that special man or woman will enjoy increased romantic feelings with their partner.

Long distance travel this month is a possibility. This December is definitely a party time for Aries. Single Aries should beware of rushing into new relationships after the 21st when the Sun moves into Capricorn. Try to resist the impulse to toss away relationships that start slowly, especially if things are not progressing fast enough for you! Aries, even if the sex is awesome, it takes time for the feelings of true love to develop. Aries in a committed love relationship with that special man or woman will enjoy all the hectic activity the holiday season has to offer. Try a new hairstyle or buy new clothing in your lucky color red.

The crisp November air revs up passionate Aries. Venus and Mars together will make Aries quite bold, yet tender and affectionate. Single Rams should trust their own instincts when it comes to dating and arranging a first date. Aries should not hesitate to actively pursue that special person and show their strong interest, especially since the sexual chemistry the Ram feels during this autumn month is very genuine and can be acted upon with confidence.

Aries in a committed love relationship with that special man or woman will feel the urge to travel this month, or at least get out for romantic drives. Shopping is another activity that Aries will enjoy sharing with a love partner. A large purchase, like a new car, could happen this month.

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  • Aries's monthly horoscope for October promises many sexual adventures. This is a super lucky month for Aries when it comes to love and sex, but Rams will have to wait until Mercury goes direct on the 9th for love to really get exciting! Sexy things can really start to happen for single Aries when Mars conjuncts with Venus later this month, making dating a pure pleasure. Don't think that good-looking man or woman isn't interested in you.

    They are just shy. Rams in a committed relationship should plan plenty of romantic evenings and beautiful sex with a loved one.

    Aries 12222 Horoscope month by month

    True love blooms, especially on the 27th during the full moon. Also, take advantage of the approaching holiday and go shopping for a sexy Halloween costume. The only time to be cautious is on the 22nd. Aries's monthly horoscope promises anything can happen with frisky Mars in Leo trine Uranus the first week of September. Watch for unusual opportunities for dates and sexual encounters popping up, sometimes out of the blue. Then all is rosy until the 17th. The end of the month, around the 28th, may also bring unusual love or lust circumstances for Rams.