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The lunar date of January 8, on Chinese calendar is Dec 4, Jia Xu Year. 2. I was born on January 8, , so what's my Chinese zodiac? For people.

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Try The Quiz Now!! As per the Libra July forecast, this is the month that you need to take your career objectives seriously and find a way of achieving everything that you have set your mind to attain. With the assistance of other talented people, you will achieve more success than you ever expected during the Mercury retrograde.

Test Now! The horoscope predictions show that there is nothing to worry about this year when it comes to finances.

Therefore you need to be wise with how you choose to spend your money. July will be almost the peak of your financial success but the next months will see an increase in the finance you have coming in. The Libra horoscope for July predicts that this month will see you do well in your studies. This is because the stars are favorably disposed to you. If you are aspiring for higher education, then you would get the right opportunities at the right time.

According to the July Libra horoscope ,this is a favorable month for those wanting to go abroad to pursue higher education or training. In this month there is a high chance of achieving success by traveling overseas to make your dreams come true and achieve your objectives. See Numerology Horoscope.

January 1 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

And you will develop a special bond with your spouse or beloved. You, however, are likely to be dragged into a conflict and will be forced to pick a side. Today, you will be trying new things in your style of work. You may come across as mad, but there will be a method in your madness. Your new strategy and innovative ideas will give a new lease of life to the projects you are working on. However, you need to take a break from work in the evening and go home to your loved ones to recharge your batteries, advises Ganesha.

One way to assure success is by believing in oneself and one's abilities.

October 1 Zodiac is Libra - Full Horoscope Personality

Let this confidence and your high spirits take you to newer heights today, says Ganesha. Remain cheerful all day long, and you will see your hardships disappear as you tackle them with consummate skill.

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But more importantly, Ganesha foresees the day leading you to a fulfilling evening. A medley of good and bad awaits you today.

January 1 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Emotional people will find you immature and inconsistent. But your bag o' jokes is never empty, and you remain the jester as always. Ganesha advises you to meditate and engage in spiritually rich activities to channel and focus all your talents. Ganesha says that today is going to be an unforgettable day for all those people who are in love or a romantic relationship. If you plan to propose to your beloved today is a good opportunity for it as success will come easily to you.

You will be able to spend a day filled with joy, happiness and enjoyment. Ganesha showers his blessing on you. Your close friends and loved ones seem to be on the menu today, predicts Ganesha. Romantic brilliance will usher in happiness and favourable business prospects will be the icing on the cake.

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Your charm will peak and you will enjoy the attention you get out of it. Try your hands at creative things as there is a good chance that you may come home bragging about the results. Deepen your relationship with yourself and you can deepen your connections with others. Relationships come to light as the Aries full moon aligns in your relationship sector on October 13, reflecting an important truth and presenting you with pivotal, potentially life-changing choices.

This is the end of a cycle, allowing you to break free of destructive patterns and deepen connections with equals. Challenging days: 1, 12, 27 Standout days: 20, 21, Eliminate uncertainty!

Decan 1 Libra 12222 Horoscope

Click here for a video psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes! OCT 9, - Read full overview.

The World card signifies a long journey coming to an end.